10000 m2
Resort Area
10000 m2
Private Beach
10000 m2
Green areas
100 m2
Heated pools


We have a country as beautiful as a Christmas carol and this compels us at AXXIS Nova to build a unique real estate project, right on the seashore, where history and nature magically accompany the design and spirit of our architectural concept, in a symphony of harmony.
“Architecture is inhabited sculpture” said the unique Brâncuşi. This is what the two businessmen, Florin and Daniel Cârstocea, father and son, wanted, when they gave life to the AXXIS dream – to highlight the resort through the vanguardism of the project and the complex facilities integrated. To show that Romanians know how to appreciate nature and life and deserve what is most beautiful.
This large-scale project, built with own funds, with Romanian capital, by the two businessmen, has already erected the first building – Madrid, where work is being done on the interior finishes of the 269 smart apartments, all with sea view.
AXXIS Nova Resort & Spa is already evaluated and appreciated at the highest standards by the Real Estate specialists in Romania, being awarded “Best Project 2021” at the Romanian Property Awards Gala and “2022 Exclusive Residential & Hotel Complex” at the Real Estate Magazine Gala.

AXXIS Nova Resort & Spa Project

Another five ship-shaped buildings are to be erected, which together with the five-star hotel AXXIS Mundi, will constitute the impressive AXXIS Nova Armada ready to take you on a cruise full of timeless sensations.

Our resort, through the high-end facilities and services it offers, will be a new and high benchmark on the Real Estate and tourism market, both in Romania and around the world.

AXXIS Nova will be active throughout the year, offering residents a minimum financial return of 8% (strictly reported on a 90-day interval during the summer).

Design styles

In order to enjoy maximum comfort, AXXIS Nova Resort & SPA clients have the opportunity to opt for one of the 3 layout concepts proposed by the developer.
Thus, each apartment, regardless of the number of rooms, will be able to follow the lines of the Luna, Solis and AXXIS styles.
Different both in terms of aesthetics and budget, the three furnishing styles developed by our designers will be put into practice according to your preferences.


The AXXIS style is elegant, with the highest quality materials: marble, golden metal parts and noble wood that give a royal look to the whole arrangement. It is a new definition of luxury, perfectly enhanced by the apartments’ large glazed spaces, overlooking the Black Sea.


Solis is a style that uses warm colors of Mediterranean inspiration. Give preference to natural materials: the presence of natural wood harmonizes perfectly with jute, linen and cotton textiles. The shades from the earth’s color sphere are counterbalanced by white, but also by more important chromatic elements such as green or turquoise.


The Luna style is characterized by minimalist lines, being perfect for those who choose practicality and simplicity. The phrase “Less is more” by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, is already famous for characterizing this always modern style. The basic feature of this layout is functionality. In terms of color, we use neutral shades or colors and materials that contribute to the demands of modern comfort.

Our amazing sales team

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Alexandru Bocunescu


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Marius Frăţoiu





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